Instagram : Les choses à ne pas faire ! - Creative Kits

Instagram: Things not to do!

Instagram is like school! There are rules to follow and things not to do if you want to get a good grade!

Here are 6 things to avoid on Instagram:

  • Not being constant and rigorous : Avoid “I publish every day, and then nothing for 1 month because I'm too busy”. The less you're away, the more Instagram will share your posts.
  • Botting aggressively: Using bots to grow your account and your likes is a very bad idea believe me! Prefer natural methods that are certainly longer, but which will save you many problems!
  • Using automatic posting tools : Totally against Instagram rules your account could be banned for a while!
  • Having more followers than followers: Don't forget that having more than 1,500 followers means being considered a mass follower by Instagram, so no longer being highlighted ! Be careful!
  • Buying subscribers, likes, comments = So that's the worst! Although I admit it might be tempting (yes yes I see you)

NEVER make a purchase (yes I emphasize that word) because it lowers engagement rates, statistics, and icing on the cake if Instagram detects the purchase, you can say bye bye to your account.

In short, that's no way.

  • Doing auto DM / auto comment: Inauthentic as possible! You risk being reported and therefore losing your account once again.

The risk of all this? : You will have understood it is to lose your account or to be shadowbanned.

Shadowban you said? It's simply being shown just to your subscribers and no longer at all on the #. → Drop in organic reach and stop growing your account indefinitely.

Now you have been warned!

Justine from Creative Kits