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How to choose the right Lightroom presets?

How to choose your Lightroom presets? How to stay in the same theme for all your photos on Instagram? So many questions that I am asked every day and which I answer today!

First of all, a preset is a set of 45 pre-recorded settings (temperatures, colors, shadows, etc.) that gives a precise retouching that can be applied for all your photos. They will allow you to edit your photos with just one click and harmonize your feed perfectly!
They are often used for Instagram photos but work for all your photos!

  • Thinking about feed colors
  • The first step is to think about the tone and mood you want your feed to have. There are lots of different feeds: cold, hot, orange, very colorful, black & white, etc…. It's up to you to see which dominance you prefer! For my personal account @justineblchn, I adopted a rather colorful and pop feed!

    Fun fact: A blue feed would attract more likes than other colors. Red and orange tend to attract 24% fewer likes than blue-dominant images. We are not too sure about this information...

    @marinegaby uses presets Jungle from the Travel Collection and White Home from the Deco Collection. @anaellechretienoff uses the Summer collection or the December preset from the Winter Collection.

  • Thinking about content
  • Not all presets are suitable for all types of photos. Indeed, there are presets for each type of content: lifestyle photos, decoration, food, fashion, travel…. So the idea is to think about the content you want to share daily!

  • Be inspired
  • I advise you to look at the feeds of the influencers you follow regularly and see that you like your style.

    • Choosing the right presets

    If you want to publish photos of interior decoration, I recommend rather neutral presets that don't distort the basic colors. Our special Deco Preset Collection is just the thing for you!

    For food photos, I always recommend the collection of presets Food (obviouuus) which is very bring out all the shades, colors and flavors at the same time.

    If you are more into travel/vacation photos, I recommend presets that bring more summery tones and that enhance the water, the sky and the landscapes. The Summer & Travel collections are perfect for this kind of photos!

    The Iced Coffee collection will give a caramel/chocolate tone to your Instagram photos. It is ideal for beige, white or caramel photos.

    Finally, if you want to change your feed according to your desires and the seasons, the pack 4 SEASONS is ideal! It contains Summer, Spring, Winter & Autumn season.
    Go to the Shop category of the site!

    Thank you for reading this article to the end, I hope I have helped you in choosing your presets!

    Justine from Creative Kits