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Recipes for a perfect Instagram account

On Instagram, there are more and more personal, brand or influencer accounts. It is therefore difficult to stand out among the mass of these Instagram accounts! But don't panic, through this article we give you the TIPS that will allow you to stand out and perfect your true identity.

If you want your followers on instagram to remember you, it is essential to choose and give an identity to your account.

Identity starts with visual identity.

1. Stories

With the CANVA app, you can have fun creating visuals for your posts, as well as for your stories and featured covers.

The MOJO and UNFOLD apps also allow you to give your photo and video stories a real identity, with beautiful templates, new fonts, colors and dynamic effects!

MOJO costs €9.99/month, is compatible with Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod Touch.

UNFOLD ideal for static stories, and offers you some free templates, the rest is chargeable. Available on iOS and Android.



Also discover all our products for your stories in the Shop section of the site.

2. Featured story covers

You probably know these little images also called ‘Instagram Highlight Covers’ that unify the theme of the stories on the front page.

Also discover all our story covers in the Shop section of the site.

3. The feed

In addition to having great stories, using Lightroom presets sublimates your photos and gives your feed real harmony!

For the record, Lightroom presets modify elements such as temperature, colors, shadows…etc thanks to the Lightroom CC app. They allow you to edit your photos in one click and harmonize your feed like a pro!

You can find the “Mojito Time” preset used in the example, and many more in the Shop category of the site.

Photo without preset

Photo with "Mojito Time" preset

In addition to using presets, it is also important to choose an organization, a symmetry for the photos in your feed.

The free UNUM and Photo GRID apps are here to help.

UNUM allows you to simulate and preview your feed in order to obtain harmony between your posts. Available on IOS and Android.
As for Photo GRID, the app allows you to create mosaics on your feed from a single photo. Available on IOS and Android.





You now have all the keys to having a hot Instagram account!

Justine from Creative Kits