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When to post on Instagram?

Since the creation of your Instagram account, you don't really pay attention to the time of publication of your posts? And you may be wondering why your photo of Calvi beach did less well than that of Cap Ferret last summer? You will tell me that many factors affect the likes, such as the photo itself, its angle, the brightness, etc.

Of course it plays a role, but not as much as we think. What seems a bit ridiculous to us is in fact very important: the time of publication of your posts.

But why is it so important?

Whether you are on a private account or public, the publication time is still very important, if you want your photo to be seen and liked as much as possible.

It's actually quite simple; you must publish your post when your audience is the most active in order to have, from the first minutes of many interactions! This which will allow your post to be shown to as many people as possible.

Without this, your publication will only reach a small part of your audience, which partly explains why your photo of Calvi did not have the expected success.

Although The instagram algorithm no longer displays posts in chronological order, it keeps the freshness parameter "in focus". The first few minutes of the post are essential in order to define whether your photo will be a hit (or not).

But how do you know when to post?

Depending on your audience, the publication time will be different. According to an Instagram study, the French look at Instagram around 10 times a day, so there will be several slots. Morning, noon, evening, weekend ..etc

But No panic!
To help you there are magic applications to tell you when to post!

  • When to Post, the app for influencers!
This app tells you 3 ideal time slots for publication so that your photo is seen the most! Whentopost is 100% free and only available on IOS.

  • UNUM, the application is designed initially to preview your instagram feed , so that it looks harmonious .
But for anyone on Android, or who doesn't like When to Post, UNUM has an “analysis of your stats” section and tells you the best times to post !

You now have all the cards in hand, so that your next posts will be a hit!

Justine from Creative Kits ♡