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The 10 essential apps for Instagram

If you want to become a real influencer on Instagram, or just have a little fun, then you absolutely have to know and install the apps we are going to talk about! We have selected some real gems that will revolutionize your use of Instagram and make some people jealous!


Apps to edit your Instagram photos:

  • Facetune : This app focuses its functionality on retouching faces, people and environments. You can make your teeth whiter, smooth your skin, add a bit of radiance to it, or even make a wall whiter. With this app you can do a lot of things for free, but some of its features, such as automatic correction, are chargeable. We recommend this app 100%.

Original photo

Photo after Facetune

  • Quickshot: Unlike Facetune, the app focuses on retouching the environment of your photo. You can, for example, retouch the sky of your photos, add or remove clouds, put a starry sky…etc. What we love about Quickshot is the choice. Indeed, Quickshot offers a multitude of choices of retouching, whether at sky level or otherwise, so everyone finds what they are looking for. Unfortunately the app costs €3.99/month to have unlimited access to everything.

  • PicsArt: This app is not really a pure editing app, but it allows you to add illustrations, icons…etc on your photos. If you have a creative side, this app is for you! PicsArt costs €35.99 per year.

Apps to make pretty Instagram stories:

  • Unfold: Application to give a real identity to your photo stories! The application offers templates, free elements for your stories and other paid ones! On our side, we really like this app and we recommend it if you want to stand out.

  • MOJO: This app allows you to brighten up and energize your stories but in videos this time! Just like Unfold, we really like this application! Mojo costs €9.99/month, compatible with Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod Touch but be careful only from IOS 11.4, and does not exist on Android.

Apps for your Instagram feed

  • UNUM: This app allows you to simulate your instagram feed. It is great if you want to keep a certain harmony within your Instagram feed. It allows you to preview your feed, if you want to post a photo and thus maintain harmony between your posts. UNUM offers you 18 free puzzles to start with. If that's not enough you can upgrade to the paid version, with 36 puzzles for €5.49 and 54 grids for €7.99.

What we love about UNUM is that for a short time, the app allows you to have access to your stats, and gives you indications on when to post, and which hashtags work the most. better! We validate at 10000%.

  • Photo Grid : The app allows you to create mosaics on your feed from a single photo! The app is free, but for €1.09 you no longer have ads and for €5.49 you have access to illustrations, icons etc. to put on your photos

    • Lightroom + presets: The Lightroom app allows you to edit the colors, atmosphere, etc. of your photos using Lightroom presets, i.e. photo filters instagram from Lightroom. Thanks to Lightroom presets, your photos are sublimated and you get a harmonious feed. For using presets, Lightroom is free on your mobile.

    Find all our presets in the "Shop" category of the site.

    Photo without preset

    Photo with "Sunny Morning"

    Bonus apps:

    • Whentopost: The app for real influencers! This app tells you the ideal time to publish so that your photo is seen the most! Whentopost is 100% free but does not exist on Android.

    • Text Designer: Also 100% free application, which allows you to change the typography in your bio and in your posts . The app does not exist on android. Have fun!

    • Canva: Application also present on computer, Canva, allows you to create your own visuals, going from the post, to the cover of the story to the ONE ..etc L The app is free, but it will take some time before you can master the app 100%.

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    With all these tips presented, no more excuses, your number of subscribers & likes should soar! It's up to you!

    Justine from Creative Kits