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Understand how the Instagram algorithm works

Ah algorithms… often the worst enemies of influencers. I'm not telling you anything, each social network has its own algorithm, but you never really know how they work and what they base themselves on to offer us content that looks like us.

Here is a short explanation of Instagram, just to better understand what we have to do:

The first thing you need to know about the Instagram algorithm is that it is unique to everyone. Instagram will analyze YOUR preferences and accordingly offer you content that may be of significant interest to you. You will not have the same content offered between two people.

So what factors does the Instagram algorithm use to display and promote content that interests you?

1st factor - Interest: If you are used to liking travel photos, Instagram will show you more photos in this category…etc

2nd - Freshness: Instagram will show you the most recent photos that meet the other criteria of the algorithm. (which I don't know)

3rd - The relationship: Instagram highlights the photos of the accounts with which you are used to interacting: like, comment, DM, seen from story, interaction in story... etc

4th - Frequency: The more often you connect to Instagram, the more posts it will show you. (which seems logical, otherwise you will always see the same thing)

5th - Usage: Depending on whether you are used to liking photos, videos or other, Instagram will highlight a type of content rather than another.

6th - The number of subscriptions: If you follow, for example, 2,500 people, the algorithm will be very selective. That is to say that you will never be able to see the publications of all the people you follow. And conversely for your followers, the more accounts they follow, the less they will see everyone's posts.

But then how not to end up drowning in the mass of publications on Instagram?

What you should know is that Instagram first highlights content considered "qualitative". According to Instagram, certain criteria must be met and a certain % must be met:

  • Organic likes in the first minutes (= likes of people who follow you)
  • Non-organic likes
  • Organic and non-organic comments
  • Likes/comments ratio
  • Number of records
  • Number of post DM sends
  • Number of follows

To put it simply, it's as if Instagram gives you points for each criteria that you meet. (#backtoschool)


  • 1 organic like = 1 point
  • 1 non-organic like = 2 points
  • 1 comment = 3 points
  • 1 non-organic comment = 5 points
  • 1 send by DM = 7 points
  • 1 record = 10 points

The higher the score, the more the Instagram algorithm will highlight your photo to people who do not follow you, which will allow you to gain subscribers, likes, etc.

We understand that the highlighting of your photos depends greatly on their quality. It therefore seems important to pay attention to the quality of its content, using Lightroom presets, for example, which sublimate the photo in one click, without reducing its quality

The more a photo is worked on and appeals to your community, the more it will be highlighted by Instagram.

You are now an Instagram algorithm pro!

Justine from Creative Kits