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Become an Instagram photo editing pro!

If you love travel, fashion and many other things, you have surely come across an Instagram feed or a splendid photo, where the colors , light, exposure...were perfect! You tell yourself that the person is a good photographer or took the shot at the right time...

Of course, the angle and the quality of the photo play an important role on the final result, but you can achieve a great result, just by knowing a few touch-up tips!

Just changing the sky, putting a texture, putting a preset, retouch the skin… your photo is enhanced!

Here are some explanatory lines so that these expressions don't scare you anymore & you become a photo editing pro.

You'll see it's not that complicated: To be a queen or a king of retouching, it's better to have some apps…such as Facetune, Quickshot, Mextures, Lightroom and more. No need to have 100, but at least the one that you like the most and that matches your photos best.

Once the photo is taken the way you like it (because after all it has to please you first!)

You can edit the sky, among other things, with Quickshot, the app to change the environment of your photo.

Available on Android and iOS.

Or put an instagram photo filter, also known as Preset Lightroom.

For the record, Lightroom presets modify things such as temperature, colors, shadows…etc thanks to the Lightroom CC application. They allow you to edit your photos in one click and harmonize your feed like a pro!

You can find the Sunset Bliss preset used in the example, and many more in the Shop section of our site.

Photo texture (which refers to the visual quality of an object's surface, revealed by variations in shape, tone and depth color) with Mexture, the application of film grain effects, textures, light leaks and gradients on your photos.

Available on Android and iOS.


If you want to modify small imperfections or simply touch up details such as your tan, the whiteness of your smile or to give a smoother effect to your skin, the app Facetune photo editing and mainly face and body will be your best ally!

Available on Android and iOS.

The trick is done and in less than 3 minutes!

Of course, it's up to you not to smooth your skin, or not to add texture, for example. You do as you feel, the photo must match you! With all these tips, you now have something to post your best shots!

Justine from Creative Kits