Comment faire croitre sa communauté sur Instagram ? (2020) - Creative Kits

How to grow your community on Instagram?

Growing your community on Instagram is the dream of every budding influencer (yes, I know you!). Apart from buying subscribers, which let’s face it, is not really recommended, there are ways to grow your community organically!

The following tips are there to help you grow your community, naturally and in the long term.

  • Trigger virality on your posts

What are the factors of virality?

      1. Content quality
      2. The first hours
      3. The time of publication
      4. The use of hashtags
        Understanding the algorithm
        • Interest: If you are used to liking travel photos, we will show you more photos in this category
        • Freshness: You will be shown the most recent photos that meet the other criteria of the algo
        • The relationship: You will mainly be shown the photos of the accounts with which you are used to interacting: like, comment, DM, seen from story, interaction in story etc
        • The frequency: The more often you connect to insta, the more insta will show you a large number of posts (logic)
        • The number of subscriptions: If you follow 2,500 people the algorithm will be very selective by force of circumstance you will never be able to see the publications of all the people you you follow. Conversely for your followers, the more accounts they follow, the less they can see all the photos of each person
        • Usage: Snext if you are more used to liking photos, videos, etc. instagram will show you a certain type of content more than another.

        For more information on the algorithm, I invite you to read my article "How does the algorithm work?"

        • Have neat content (preset, harmonious feed...)

        To grow your community, the quality of your photos and your feed is very important. The two most important things in terms of quality: Photo editing with a preset, and organizing your Instagram feed.

          • Be active and regular

          Remember to create as many links as possible on Instagram. Being active and regular in your posts and stories and in your activity with other accounts will help you grow your community.

          • Stories are your friends

          The more active you are and the more stories you do, the more people who watch your stories will see your posts. Create your identity around hot and creative stories to attract new subscribers and create engagement! You can find all our story templates in the Shop section of the site.

          In short, you are now well aware of NATURALpractices (say it loud and clear when you read it!) to grow your account! Stop believing that these practices have 0 immediate effects. No, growing your community on Instagram is not a challenge, but it's a real job!

          It's up to you!

          Justine from Creative Kits