About Creative Kits

Birth of Creative Kits

Creative Kits is a project that started in 2018 from the entrepreneurial will of Justine Blanchin, its creator and instagrammer, to share and market presets allowing to develop harmonious and attractive Instagram feeds.

Over these 2 years, Justine and her team have taken the Creative Kits to other horizons by offering more products for Instagram such as story templates, story covers, story backgrounds, stickers as well than post templates.

Creative Kits provide two (additional) benefits:

  • Stop wasting time retouching your own photos
  • Find quality Instagram templates with stylistic unity, adaptable and ready to use.

Creative Kits help influencers, companies and individuals alike to create their own e-identity and stand out.

After a brief hiatus of 4 months, a meeting gave new impetus to the project. Here comes Bianca Cerrato on stage.


Who is Bianca?

Half English, half Italian but born in Brussels in 1976 (year of the Dragon), Bianca has spent her entire career as a communication project manager for projects from the European microcosm (associations, agencies and institutions of the European Union)

Curious by nature, her educational background is very eclectic: Art history, information management, human resources, digital marketing, ….

One thing is certain is that all these matters have fueled its creativity (yes, yes even human resources) for the benefit of its customers by providing solutions and services adapted to their environment.

Bianca lives in the village of La Hulpe, 25 km from Brussels with her 2 children, Alexander (11 years old) and Zoë (14 years old) and her partner, David who supports her 100% in this new adventure.


The new ambitions of Creative Kits

These are great: Creative.Kits 2.0 if not 3.0 ;-)

By inviting herself into the Creative Kits project, Bianca wants to give herself a greater role in the creation itself. Typography, colors, stylistic currents, textures and new technologies... are all areas of interest that she wishes to share.

But it's not a one-way street. Via Creative Kits, Bianca wants to offer new products and services for the current #Creatiesclub as well as for future communities that would join the #Creatiesclub. The opportunities are many and exciting.

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