Puzzle feed

Follow this tutorial to edit your puzzle feed (sheet of 18 posts) from your computer using Canva.

Computer version

  • Create an account / Connect to Canva
  • Open the purchase confirmation email and click on "Download my order"

  • Click on "Use template"

  • Customize the posts according to your wishes:Import your photos, modify the text, the font size, the typography....

  • Once the customization is complete, download your board of 18 posts (in png format)

  • Go to split images
  • Import your just downloaded board
  • In the options: Choose "Both (grid)" / Vertically: "6" blocks / Horizontally: "3" blocks

  • Then click on "Split Image"
  • Download the 18 posts

Your posts are ready to be published on Instagram! Tip: you can schedule your Instagram posts in advance using the Creator Studio tool!

Be careful to start by publishing the 18th and then the 17th...