Introduction au Journal de Creative Kits - Creative Kits

Introduction to Creative Kits' Diaries

Hey there! Welcome to the exciting world of Creative Kits! Get ready to buckle up and join me on a thrilling rollercoaster ride as I take you through the ins and outs of this business in my very own "CK Diaries".

Let me tell you, life at Creative Kits is not a serene river flowing peacefully. Selling digital products has its fair share of challenges, and, they can be both external and internal. But hey, that's what makes this journey so exciting, right?

So, what exactly can you expect from CK Diaries? Well, you name it, and I'll be sharing it! As a one-woman army, I wear many hats and juggle various tasks, including graphic designing, coloring, content creation, copyrighting, SEO, Shopify expertise, social media marketing, sales channel management, budget management, project management, time management, and the list goes on and on.

But let's face it, time is the ultimate boss, and it's a constant race against the clock to accomplish all tasks and overcome any challenges that come my way.

In CK Diaries, I'll be sharing my experiences and knowledge with you. You can expect tips and tricks, solutions, and strategies for setting up such projects and ensuring their longevity. I'll also be highlighting that no activity is passive and how each actions contributes to the success (or not, yes, I need to confess that I have failed too) of Creative Kits. 

And hold on to your hats, folks, because the next post will take you on a wild ride, where Creative Kits faced its biggest challenge yet. But I won't give too much away; you'll have to wait and see. 

So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exciting adventure. I'll see you soon in the next instalment of CK Diaries! 

Yours truly,