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5 tips for getting an influencer's Instagram feed!

Like us, you have surely already envied the feed of your favorite Instagrammer?

Everyone takes care of the staging, edits and ensures that all of their feed is consistent! So we asked 5 of our favorite content creators their secrets to having a professional and aesthetic feed! Check out the advice of @marinegaby (39.5K ), @coupleofg (83.1K), @julietteetmary (18.3K) @lacasadubonheur (35.8K) @unefilledeprovence (11.5K ) & @anellechretienoff (33.5K)

  • Natural Light

    Marine aka @marinegaby and Juliette @juliettemary ALWAYS favor taking photos in natural light. But we already have that for you well repeated enough! Beautiful light makes it possible to take the colors in the most realistic way. Their advice #numberone: stake photos preferably in the early afternoon! N not face a window, but rather with your back to the window or to the side.
    Basically, avoid a backlight or the opposite, too much lighting such as harsh light in the middle of the afternoon.

      • Every detail counts

        “I always pay attention to detail. I always check that the entire background is in order so that the rendering of the photo is harmonious. No more things on the right than on the left…” For the beautiful Marine aka @marinegaby, the success of an Instagram photo is all about attention to detail! To make her photos, the content creator tidies up all her background that will be visible when taking a photo. His advice: no clothes lying around in the background, a tidy room, etc...

        For flatlays @juliettetmary is also careful to balance her background well. But what is a flatlay? Flatlays are photos taken from above of objects laid flat, often on a smooth surface, parquet, etc... His p' tit tips: If there is an empty space at the bottom, add for example jewelry, lace or plants. Always think about balancing the elements of the photo!

            • The importance of framing

              For Gaël & Grâce of @coupleofg, it is the framing of the photos that is the most important to have a harmonious & professional feed. Their secret (not so secret anymore...): always stay as far away from the camera lens as possible to make sure Instagram won't crop out the main elements when posting the photo.

              For the #OOTD look photos, @juliettemary take care to respect the lines of her background (the walls and floors eg) and frame them well. For example, if you see the floor in one of her photos, she thinks about balancing the wall with the floor in the center of the photo. Juliette plays with spaces to create lines and harmonies!

              Portrait or landscape mode? @lacasadubonheur advises you to take them in portrait mode, a format more suitable, according to her, for Instagram photos!

                • A natural pose!

                  According to Adeline @unefilledeprovence, "the idea being to believe you are alone in front of your mirror" and not to think of the thousands of followers who will look at the photo. Don't stay still, move to create natural movement in your photos.

                  His little tips: add an element in the foreground such as vegetation, a decorative object, etc. This creates a more intimate and cocooning look!
                    • Enhancing the photo with a Lightroom preset

                      “It’s rare to find presets that are so high quality and that work on so many photos!” explains @coupleofg. And yes, there are plenty of filters on Lightroom and VSCO and it is sometimes difficult to find THE GOOD ones: those that bring out the colors well, that give a warm effect, without distorting the colors.

                      @anellechretienoff, Miss Normandy 2018: “I love your presets! I use December from the Winter Collection. I travel a lot, it is very easy to start from this preset and then adjust it according to my desires and the photo.”

                      To edit his photos, @marinegaby also uses our collection of Lightroom presets. “I only use them! They are natural, beautiful, varied and bright. My favorites are Cold Light (deco), White home (deco), Lavender (spring) & Cookie (food). ”

                      As soon as she takes a picture @lacasadubonheur apply a preset to see if she likes the renderingît. If she likes the rendering appropriate, she continues her shots, from different angles (“it's sometimes a contortion”!) and then publishes her favorite photo retouched with one of our presets.

                      That's it! Influencer Instagram feeds hold no secrets for you. It's up to you!