Tous nos voeux pour 2023! - Creative Kits

All our best wishes for 2023!

Hello everyone, the #Creaties,

The year 2022 flew by very quickly!

It will be a year since Creative Kits went under the Belgian flag. The handling was not as easy as initially imagined. Running the Creative Kits business alongside my consultancy business was often under pressure due to lack of time.

That said, the stop was not total.

The Sport, Valentine's Day and Sand series have been unveiled with new formats - wallpapers for watches, puzzles, planning, ...

Gift vouchers from 15 to 50 euros are now available, allowing you to give nice little gifts to your friends.

Apart from a few technical problems at the end of the year, the site has been improved:

  • to be GDPR compliant,
  • by restoring the personal account - an account that allows all customers to keep their purchases,
  • by replacing the Loox tool that allows you to submit reviews with a new tool called

So, what is planned now for 2023?

In the boxes you will find:

  • the development of current series and collections,
  • of course, new series and collections,
  • the development of kits for personal and professional branding,
  • opening an Etsy store for professional kits,
  • the development of new types of products:
    • project management tools
    • finance and budget tools
    • inventory management tools
    • commercial templates such as invoices, quotes, ...
    • business cards, thank you cards, ...
    • patterns ("patterns")
    • KDP books
    • ...

The list is not exhaustive to leave room for surprise :-)

To end this article, I want to thank everyone who follows and supports Creative Kits. I send you my best wishes for Christmas and the year 2023, may it be beautiful, joyful and full of adventures.

See you next year in great shape!

See you soon.