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How to have a harmonious Instagram feed?

Having a harmonious Instagram feed, is one of the bases for increasing your number of subscribers or getting your brand known fairly quickly. Indeed, a user arriving on your account will choose in 5 seconds whether to subscribe or not . In this article, we will therefore understand how to have a harmonious Instagram feed in 5 steps.

But what is a harmonious feed? It is when there is a logic of publication, and aesthetics so that the photos posted match each other. A well-balanced feed makes you want to subscribe since it is pleasant to look at!

  • The choice of dominant colors
  • First of all, you have to think about the colors of the feed you want to have: rather cold, warm, orange, very colourful/pop or black and white? You have the possibility to create your universe via the atmosphere of your feed.

    Feeds with cold tones (white, blue, etc.) are perfect for winter photos to give a fresh side to the photos. Warm-toned feeds enhance colors, are bright, and catch the eye very easily.

    Looking for inspiration
    I have always been inspired by feeds that manage colors with great harmony. I'm still a fan of @natachabirds feed. The sequences are thought out, the colors are worked and the retouching is subtle. I also appreciate the feed par 3 from @julien_tuyeras.

    Feel free to save your favorite brand accounts or influencers via the Instagram feature to inspire you & group those you love.

  • Take care of the staging of photos
  • In my opinion, having a harmonious Instagram feed lies ooooormely in the style of the photo and the shots. I have already written an article on how to take successful Instagram photos, I advise you to read it too.

  • Organize your feed in advance
  • Some photos don't go side by side, either for color reasons or even for shooting. There are plenty of apps that allow you to have a smooth Instagram feed by being able to view it in advance.

    I recommend two applications to organize your feed: PREVIEW or UNUM (free). They allow you to think about the sequences of your photos before publishing them, while keeping spontaneity in the publications.

  • Apply a preset
  • Obviously you have to edit your photos so that a certain consistency emerges in your photos. So we created different collections of presets. If you are interested, I advise you to read my article “How to choose the right presets?

    I hope these tips guide you to have a smooth Instagram feed.Feel free to give me feedback and remember that the best feed to have is the one that you like and that looks like you!

    Justine from Creative Kits ♡